Dear Families,

As you are aware, all schools and childcare facilities have been closed as of this evening, with the plan of re-opening on Monday 30th of March.

You can read the full release from the Department of Education here: https://www.education.ie/…/12-march-2020-statement-from-the…

Although this was not an unexpected decision, it was much sooner and more sudden than we had imagined.

Additionally, we weren’t given direct notification from the Department of Education until after 1.30 today, but were provided with no clear direction on any aspect of how to plan for the duration of the closure and we expect that we’ll be given further information in the days and weeks ahead. I will make this available to you as it comes.

We have had no concerns reported to our after school community, the decision to close schools is a preventative measure. Your children may be worried, for themselves and for their family as they are being bombarded with lots of news items delineating the dangers as well as having to cope with the sudden closure of schools. However, they are now home with the people who love them most and know how best to alleviate any worries they have in an age appropriate and calming way.

I want to thank you, for being so understanding in this time of uncertainty. We are making our own plans in the full knowledge that the Department of Education may issue further directives that we must implement between now and the planned re-opening on 30th March. We can only say that we will continue to keep you the parents informed, and if you have queries please email us and we will endeavour to address them for you.

Many Thanks,

The Coach House ASDC Club


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