15 ways to ask your kids if they enjoyed school today without saying, How was school today?

It can be very hard to get answer from our kids when we ask what you might say is a closed question. Usually response might be, “fine” or “ok” or “great” or even just “good”, which doesn’t really give us the information we want.

  1. What or who made you laugh? (Who’s the funniest in class and why are they so funny?)
  2. What was the funniest thing that happened at school today?
  3. Who did you sit beside in class? (who don’t you like sitting beside in class and tell me why?)
  4. Who did you help today?
  5. Who helped you today?
  6. If I spoke to your teacher today, what would she say about you?
  7. What did you learnt today?
  8. What made today a happy day for you?
  9. Did you do PE today and tell me about some of the fun things you did?
  10. Who do you like playing with the most? (and the least, why?)
  11. Who in your class could be nicer and who could you be nicer too?
  12. Where do you play the most at break time?
  13. What games do you like playing the most at break time? (How do you play that game?)
  14. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like school?
  15. If you were the teacher what subject would you like to teach?


As our kids get older it becomes harder to get them to engage with us and therefore we need to be a little more imaginative with our questions. One thing I’ve learnt from being a coach and life coach is ask searching questions and never stop being curious.


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