DYSPRAXIA FITNESS – Exercise & Movement Class

We have had enquiries about doing a class for children with Dyspraxia/DCD on a Saturday. If this interests you please email info@thecoachhouse.club. The class would be for school age children 7 to 12 year olds every Saturday at 12.

This will be a non-competitive, confidence building class through fun, play and fitness. It will explore and extends children’s capabilities in a wide range of movement skills focusing on the 3 basic motor skills:

1. Locomotor skills are movements that transport a person from one place to another. They include skills like running, jumping, climbing, skipping, leaping, hopping and galloping.

2. Non-locomotor skills (balance) are stability and balancing skills like twisting, turning, stretching, stopping and bending.

3. Manipulative skills are skills used to control objects with the hands and feet like kicking, holding, catching, rolling, throwing, bouncing, and striking.

Perceptual-motor awareness also occurs as kids develop a sense of body awareness and the ability to balance. All these skills build a foundation for efficient and more complex movements that are needed in later child development stages. The more children develop these skills the better they will feel.

This class runs on Saturdays from 12-1pm. we also run a Wednesday Class and Summer Camps.

For more information please email info@thecoachhouse.club or Call: Rob 087 254 7526 or Antonio 087 218 3837