The Coaches

The Coach House is an After School Sports Centre with a strong reputation for working and developing children in the local community.

The Coach House After School staff are fully Garda vetted by Barnardos vetting service and have completed a Code of Ethnics & Good Practice for Children in Sport, Children First and trained in First Aid and holding a minimum Level One in sports coaching or childcare.

Staff will get ongoing specific training and procedural guidance in:

  • Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children;
  • Sport Ireland: Coaching Children E-Learning Cert;
  • First Aid Training;
  • Fire, Health and Safety;
  • Food Safety
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training;
  • Training in Child Centred Coaching & Child Development;
  • Training in Movement Skills, Sports, Fitness Development;
  • Ongoing training with Fingal County Childcare Committee;
  • Training in working with children with Autism.

We train our staff to enrich the child’s experience, through their skill in designing the play environment and through the attitude and culture of play fostered at the Centre. Staff will be aware of the importance of their role and will ensure that each child and young person is treated as an individual and feels valued at all times.

We strive to constantly use the best methods that are scientifically researched for when coaching and working with children. We train all our staff to take a holistic child-centred approach to coaching (teaching), allowing the children attending our centre to develop at their own pace.

The Coach House will work on a ratio of 1 adult per 12 kids. We will have 2 staff on site at all times or 1 per every 12 after that.