We all need movement!

Indiana Resource Centre for Autism states; Movement is one of the most important aspects of a young child’s life. Most early interactions involve movement. This is true for all children, including children with autism spectrum disorders and other disabilities. It is true that all children progress through developmental motor sequences, however some may move at a slower, more awkward or uneven rate. It is important for adults who are beginning to instruct a child who moves more slowly or awkwardly to understand the child’s abilities.

Children with disabilities, who may move differently, are more similar to normally developing children than different.

  • Both groups are children, often of the same chronological age.
  • Both groups move during their lives. Sometimes the movements aren’t the same, but they all move to some degree and at some level of proficiency.
  • Both groups process information.
  • Both groups have self concepts that need to be enhanced through movement experience.
  • Both groups have feelings.
  • Both groups need attention.
  • Both groups have common movement goals, that is, to improve their motor proficiency.
  • Both groups need to feel wanted and loved.
  • Both groups include children who vary in their individual motor ability.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with all types of children and the one thing that all children need is movement. In fact the one thing we all need is to move more.

So, lets get moving and most importantly lets get our children moving more each and every day.


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