Our Commitment

At the Coach House we are committed to helping children grow. We firmly believe in all Children’s ability and are 100% committed to helping them get the best possible start in life.

It is suggested that there are three pillars of health and well-being that every one of our children is entitled to – even though they do not recognise the necessity.
These are:
  • Cardio-respiratory fitness;
  • Mechanical (movement) efficiency;
  • Quality nutrition.

Just as we develop numeracy and literacy as the building blocks of academia so we must raise the profile of the building blocks of physical health, nutritional health, mental health and well-being.

We focus our attention on the following areas:

Social (Play)

    • Making new friends and being part of the house.
    • Explore, discover and share things with new friends.
    • Developing through play and others.
    • Learn to communicate in various ways and gain confidence in their endeavors.
    • Activities using fine finger movements (jigsaws, threading, drawing)
    • Activities involving music and drama.
    • Activities involving whole body movement (ball games, running, dance, etc)
    • Reading
    • Outdoor play.


    • A place of learning, growth and structure.
    • Encourages participation by all children.
    • Give kids challenges they can rise to.
    • Give kids opportunities to develop leadership and decision-making skills.
    • Focus on the developmental needs of young people by nurturing teens’ autonomy at the same time the programs lend them guidance.
    • Provides an environment that helps young people develop positive relationships with peers.
    • Allows children to be creative, forming original ideas through exploration and discovery.


    • Safe and secure physical environment.
    • Healthy & Hygienic.
    • Procedures and materials for the effective administration of routine and emergency first aid.
    • Adequate and comfortable space indoors which caters for the individual needs of every child.


    • Meets the emotional needs of all children.
    • Actively builds positive self-esteem.
    • Our programmes are structured, fun, supportive and challenging.
    • A holistic life orientated teaching approach that goes beyond the task at hand.
    • Help young people develop strong, positive relationships with adults.
    • Focus building positive psychology, child centered coaching.
    • Build on the young person’s strengths rather than focus on his or her weaknesses.
    • Emotional Intelligence.
    • Meditation.


    • Provide enriching, creative cognitive activities they can all participate in.
    • Works on balance, coordination, multi-directional movement and speed.
    • Ball mastery skills in soccer.
    • Aerobic fitness and circuit training.


    • Provide nutritional snacks and water.
    • Teaching about foods to eat before and after exercise.
    • Benefits of Hydration.

Interactive Environment 

    • Team building through positive conditioning.
    • Fosters clear communication and meaningful interaction at all levels between, coaches, children, parents, management, sponsors, local council and community.
    • Aligning values with their decision-making.


    • A clearly defined and documented operational policy.
    • Is financially accountable and effective.
    • Operates under a fair an efficient and fair management model.
    • Is a place that is conducive to best practices and policies in Childcare.


    • Becomes an integral and valued part of the community.
    • Social inclusion and disadvantage/special needs.

It is a matter of ‘building the child from the ground up’.