Our After School Programme

Children aged between 5 and 12 years are in their most productive and responsive period of movement learning. The After School main focus is getting kids moving and playing. All future sports-specific actions e.g. running, jumping, throwing, kicking, catching and striking begin their journey here.

Our intention is to help start the process towards movement efficiency. If a child wants to achieve sporting excellence in later years then this is the time to start the process towards, better movement. Research has shown that without movement efficiency NOW there will be problems later. There is much evidence linking physical activity to improved academic achievement, concentration and learning.

It is widely agreed in research that parental involvement in services has advantageous effects for children. Parents are the ‘prime educators and experts on children’s needs’. Research evidence suggests that the engagement of parents and families in their child’s education improves children's academic performance and their motivation and leads to higher adult expectations and increased parental confidence and aspirations. At The Coach House we are no different and keep an open mind to working alongside parents/guardians and we welcome parents to come and play with their children anytime. After all who doesn't want to play games and have fun!! Staff members we always value and take account of parents’/carer’s knowledge and views of their child’s development, interests and personality.

The Coach House offers a balance of consistency and variety to keep the children interested, active and excited. Our approach is flexible, with the coaches able to vary the daily programmes in response to children’s requirements and needs. The children will mostly decide what games we do and how we organise them, we place a huge emphasis on FUN and most importantly deliberate and free PLAY. Our weekly schedule explores and extends children’s capabilities in a wide range of movement skills focusing on the 3 basic motor skills:

1. Locomotor skills are movements that transport a person from one place to another. They include skills like running, jumping, climbing, skipping, leaping, hopping and galloping.

2. Non-locomotor skills (balance) are stability and balancing skills like twisting, turning, stretching, stopping and bending.

3. Manipulative skills are skills used to control objects with the hands and feet like kicking, holding, catching, rolling, throwing, bouncing, and striking.

Perceptual-motor awareness also occurs as kids develop a sense of body awareness and the ability to balance. All these skills build a foundation for efficient and more complex movements that are needed in later child development stages.

Our programme supports all who attend The Coach House. We strive to develop positive relationships with peers, and give them a sense of belonging whilst keeping them active for life. When children are given freedom and opportunity, without coercion, the can educate themselves and can do so joyfully, and in the process develop intrinsic values, personal self-control, and emotional wellbeing.

If we can all move efficiently, consistently and with resilience it is more likely that we can achieve quality of life devoid of unacceptable discomfort. After School Programmes start from 1:30pm every day.